NW-DiagramAs technology improves, so do the hackers who exploit it. In order to maintain a safe, secure network, companies needs to stay one step ahead, with preemptive anti-virus, anti-spyware, and protection from hacker attacks, data interception and theft. Large companies have learnt years ago the advantages of a proper enterprise network security solution. These enterprise level solutions have been out of reach for many small to mid-size companies that up until recently only have been able to afford “off the self” “office supply store” solutions. They are looking for a full featured solution, that won’t break the bank but will not only offer a quality firewall and intrusion prevention solution, but provide denial of service (DoS), virus’s and spy-ware protection as well. In addition to protecting from the external threats, today’s small business leaders are looking for products protect from internal abusers by offering bandwidth control and content filtering. And for companies that have multiple locations, organizations are looking for a product that will allow all of their offices to appear as one network (VPN or Virtual Private Network).
We help align the right security technology with your business. Combined with offsite backup and data recovery service, BTC can help you keep your network safe, and your data secure.